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“As much as I enjoyed it at home with my family I always felt like there was more for me.”
- Tonya, Hot Mama Franchise Owner, Edmonton, SE, Alberta

Create your own schedule,

Create your own destiny

Get the life you’ve always wanted

- for you and your family -

Hot Mama can help you do it

Do you love being a mom,
but feel like there’s more for you, too?

You want to do work you’re passionate about, but don’t want to sacrifice time with your kids.

You like the idea of working for yourself. You like having a schedule you control, so you have the flexibility to take your kids to school yourself, attend their activities, and not be scrambling for childcare when one of them has a cold and has to spend the day at home.

Sounds good, right? Like the kind of life you want.

This is the kind of life Hot Mama can help you achieve.

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You like the idea, but is it really for you?

We think you’re up for the challenge, Mama! Let’s see if this sounds like you:

  • You love fitness, and believe it can help people become better versions of themselves
  • You’re determined to be the best mom possible to your kids, and balance that with your desire to do work you’re passionate about
  • You want to be part of a community that offers support and encouragement
  • You want to be a role model to your kids, and show them that fitness is part of a healthy life
  • You want to provide leadership and inspiration to other Mamas and families

Yup, that’s you in a nutshell, but…

As good as all that sounds, you might wonder if you can do it. You’ve never run a business before. You run your household, you have working experience, sure, but it’s all very different than owning your own business.

We help you make it happen, even if you’ve never owned a business before.

Do you hear that little voice in your head? The one saying, “You can’t run a business.” This doubt and fear is the most common thing we hear from Mamas. But we know you can do it. The Hot Mama system was designed for Mamas just like you in mind. You don’t need the experience of running a business before. We provide you with every tool and resource it takes to run a successful business. We even help you fill your classes. Yes, we really want you to succeed!

What else do we offer to make sure you find success?

Here are some of the things Hot Mama will provide you with:

  • A comprehensive training program, including a full week of in-person training
  • Business & technical support to help you build your business
  • Access to more than 100 workouts, so you never run out of ideas
  • Permission to drink wine after a hard day

Are you ready to find out how Hot Mama can help you get the life you’ve always wanted?

Hot Mama Franchise Owners Are
Moms Just Like You

What if we told you Hot Mama is the answer you’re looking for? That we’re confident you have what it takes. That our franchise owners, Main Mamas, are Moms just like you. Mamas who are passionate about fitness. Mamas who are smart, strong and savvy. Mamas who were scared. Mamas who are new to business ownership.

But maybe you want to hear from some of them yourself:


“Being a business owner is great. Any other business you begin you have to trial and error, but when purchasing a franchise, that’s already been done for you. I knew this was for me. I could share my love for fitness with others and not have to sacrifice precious family time.”


“An unexpected bonus along the way was the love and support I received from my fellow franchise owners. We called, we texted, we emailed each other every step of the way. Heck – we even got together and drank wine! These women became some of my closest friends. Every little (and BIG) hurdle you come across, there is someone else going across the exact same thing. The journey of starting my own business was a roller coaster. Having such a huge team encouraging you the whole way made the whole experience less overwhelming.”


“Hot Mama is a life changer. For you, me, and anyone around you! As a franchise owner I stand in a completely different pair of shoes than I thought I would be standing in at this point in my life, and it wouldn’t be possible without the push, support and help of Hot Mama headquarters. Taking the plunge and owning my own franchise has been very rewarding. It has made ME a healthier, happier, stronger wife, mother and friend. Surrounding yourself with such positive and inspiring women have made me a better version of me.”

Are you ready to take control of your life
and become the very best version of yourself?

The version you know is in you, but haven’t had the right opportunity and support to make it happen?
Fill out the form below and we’ll send you all the information you need to make that decision.

We’ll let you know:

  • What it costs
  • What’s involved
  • How you can start generating income

And if you want to chat with us about it, we can do that too!

The Hot Mama movement is spreading across Canada, the U.K. and beyond. Take this chance to be the Main Mama in your community.

You can make this happen, Mama. Let us help you.

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