Hot Mama FUNdamentals Training License

$997.00 + GST

Take your love of all things Hot Mama and make them your own! Offer classes, build community, support women and do what you love in fitness – with your kids right beside you!

Need more info? Read up on our Hot Mama FUNdamentals Trainer License HERE 👈🏼


Access to our Trademarks
Our logo gets us lots of attention and becoming very well known! You’ll be able to use our Hot Mama word and logo mark, as well as our super popular “Toddler Tag-Out” trademarked class format! Woop! And honestly…who doesn’t love hot pink?!

Hot Mama License
Oh yeah! You want to be a part of Hot Mama! You want to offer our classes and build your Hot Mama community…well bickety bam…now you can! You’ll receive a beautiful certificate to show any facility you want to run your classes through…you’ll be able to use our stuff and offer our classes…all on your own terms! Woop!

Workout Database
Our Founder has a PhD in exercise physiology and she’s created oodles of workouts you can easily print off and use for your classes. The work is done for you and you’ll be able to give some seriously killer workouts to your community! Go team!

Classes, Write-ups and Formats
Leave the details to us! We have so many class formats that you can use and write-ups to go right along with them! We know what sells and what works, we’ve done all the work, so you don’t have to! Writing and class creation is totally our jam. Boom!

Postpartum Initiative Promo Material
We LOVE supporting postpartum Mamas and we want to help women combat postpartum depression. You’ll have access to all promotional material for our initiativie and you’ll be able to support Mamas like never before! Oh…and we’re all about educating others on postpartum depression…so hopefully this also lights you up!

Mom’s Night Out Promo Material & Ideas
We know your success is built on your community and what better way to build loyal Hot Mamas than super fun, silly, supportive Hot Mamas’ Nights Out?! Think Workout & Wine nights, think Sip & Spin nights…think any fun activity you want to put together for your Mamas!

*Other available programs:
Hot Mama Bootylicious Run Group Trainer • Body Smarts – COMING SOON!! • Screw the Scale –COMING SOON!! • IGNITE –COMING SOON!! • Build & Repair – COMING SOON!!
Marketing Material • Business Support


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