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Hot Mama Body Smarts Trainer

$1,097.00 + GST

Body Smarts is Hot Mama’s signature 12-Week Fitness & Nutrition Program that will leave you energized, feeling amazing, more confident and fully educated on how to eat in a healthy way…for the rest of your life!

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Body Smarts:12 Weeks

We can change your life in 12 weeks. Join us for an intensive education on how to properly nourish and fuel your body so that you have energy to spare. Yeah, we said it…energy to spare! This is not a diet, a fad, a wrap or a pill.

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Week 1: Learning the “Rules”
Weeks 2 – 6: Eliminations: Changing Habits
Week 7: The Meal Plan: Portions, Balance & Distribution
Weeks 8 – 10: Integration: Adding Back “Moderation”
Weeks 11 – 12: Maintenance for Life


Week 1: Learning the “Rules”
Week 2: Fitness Assessment
Weeks 3 – 5: The Basics
Weeks 6 – 8: Core & Strength Training
Weeks 9 – 10: Interval Training
Weeks 11 – 12: Maintenance for Life

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