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The 2020 Vision Challenge

  • STARTJan 1st - 12:00am

  • ENDDec 31st - 11:59pm



The 2020 Vision Challenge

Introducing our NEW, free 4-day challenge that will help you design your health and fitness goals for 2020.


Have you ever thought the following?
Health and fitness are two assets that you leave behind for your children. When you exercise and eat nutritious food consistently, your children notice. Monkey see, monkey do!


* Run my first marathon.
* Eat a vegetarian meal 3 days per week.
* Focus on self care and resting.
* Calm down by joining two yoga classes per week.
* Be active for 30-minutes per day.
* Teach my Minis the importance of being active.
Open a Hot Mama Fit location in my community.


This challenge is for you if…

  • You want to focus on prioritizing health and fitness come January 2020.
  • You want to cultivate healthy habits within your family.
  • You want to start designing your 2020 goals early.
  • You want to crush the goals you create for yourself.
  • You want the ceiling you hit (along your health journey) to become the floor for your children.
  • You want to join a community of non-judgement Mamas.
  • You want accountability and self awareness to come easy.
  • Last, but not least, you want to leave a legacy in your family and community.

In 2020, our personal mission at Hot Mama Fit is to help Mamas leave a legacy.

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January 1
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