Where to start? Where to start? 

Hot Mama is everything to me. It’s everything to me because it involves my kids (they’re the logo and the entire reason my company exists), it includes my love of fitness and I feel I’ve built a platform that I get to stand on top of and yell all the inspiration, motivation, ideas and support I can possibly yell. If you ever want to figure out what I’m all about, you just need to be a part of the Hot Mama community and see for yourself.

We’re fun, silly, health-conscious, quirky, wine-drinking, coffee-swilling, peanut butter cup-eating incredible women who want to support one another through not only your fitness goals but your entire journey through Motherhood. We want to provide super fun, effective and safe fitness programs to you and your family and help you be an incredible role model to your kiddos, friends, family and community. 

Um…it’s kind of awesome, no?

I franchised Hot Mama because I’d built this incredible community of women in about a year (started in my garage and then expanded) and I wanted to have that love, support and community in cities around the globe. I knew I couldn’t do that on my own and the only way I could expand Hot Mama and keep control of my brand was to franchise. So, franchise I did.

I’ve loved franchising. I mean…it is HARD. Like…you have no idea how hard this journey has been, BUT…I’ve met incredible women, I’ve seen them grow and learn as business women and I saw the Hot Mama community grow and grow because of their hard work, drive, determination and love of all things Hot Mama.

Over the years, we’ve received A LOT of feedback from Mamas interested in joining our team. We’ve had over 300 applications and those Mamas…well…they like to tell us what they like and what they don’t. Me? I take no offense…I LOVE learning. 

The thing is though, when you’re told something over and over and over again…um…you kinda start to listen and look to the changes requested. I can shrug off a comment here and there, but when the same feedback repeatedly comes at you, you’d better listen.

So, that’s what we’ve done.

We’re looking to move away from our franchise model and move into a licensing model. Why? Because…it’s what you’ve all told me you want. And, as hard as I battled for franchising, I must also listen to the needs and wants of the community I truly adore and love.

Over the years we’ve heard the following feedback when it comes to franchising with Hot Mama:

  • The initial buy-in fee is too high.
  • I just want to be a part of Hot Mama, not necessarily run it as a full-time business.
  • It’s too expensive.
  • A 5-year commitment is too much for me right now.
  • I might fail.
  • I don’t think I’m ready for a full-time commitment.
  • I’m not a business person.

Now those are some very valid comments. Ones that I’ve really had to delve into and decide what to do with. 

I’ve loved that I franchised and I assert that franchising was never and will never be a mistake…ever. By franchising my company the way I did, I was able to maintain control of my brand and ensure that our brand awareness, the look, the feel and the community of Hot Mama was established in such a way that I am proud to be its Founder. Had I licensed earlier, that control would not have been there and I am certain the brand would not be where it is now. I’m proud of what my franchise owners and I have built. Beyond proud. 

But now the brand is established and I feel like I can give up a little of the control. People know who we are, what we stand for. If you don’t, check out our vision and mission below.

And, now that the brand is established, I must now pivot and really listen to what it is that YOU want. 

The ultimate goal is to have Hot Mama communities all over the world. I want to empower women to inspire, motivate, support and build Hot Mama communities where they live. I want to create a movement of family fitness. I want to educate people about taking care of and loving their bodies.

And l absolutely, 100%, cannot do this alone. I need women, maybe like yourself, who believe in what we do and LOVE what we stand for.

I need women who want to build community through family fitness and be a role model for their kids and their community. I need women, like yourself, to join me in a completely new way and grow this company to be the powerhouse I know it is meant to be.

So…we’re pivoting towards a Hot Mama Licensed Trainer model!

What does becoming a licensed Hot Mama trainer mean?

It means a shorter contract (annual, to be exactly), a lower buy-in, and the ability to decide how you want to run your Hot Mama classes and/or programs (yes, even that is customizable) with less pressure and/or demands from us at HQ. Run 2 classes per week at a local facility or jump in with both feet and run Hot Mama as your full-time business. It’s completely up to you! We simply want to expand and grow and get more Hot Mama communities all over the globe.

Why the push?

Because, not only have we heard feedback on the way we do business, we’ve also heard feedback from Hot Mamas in our community. We’ve saved lives. We’ve changed lives. We’ve been a safe place for women to go to love, laugh, cry, sweat, swear and commiserate. And, we’ve done that is just 30 locations. Can you imagine the impact we’d have with 1000’s of Hot Mama communities around the world? 

There are women out there right now that need this community more than ever. And I need you, or maybe someone you know, to help me bring it to them.

If this at all interests you, I’d love to hear from you! Just click the “Learn More” graphic below and fill our the Learn More form. We’ll send you a link with some information and you can join our live weekly Information Sessions with yours truly where I’ll answer any and all of your questions!

The only thing is that if you’re in an area with a current franchise, we can’t license there. Those areas are protected and my incredible owners will NOT be messed with. Hahaha! But seriously. No. You don’t get their area. Those women did what many didn’t and jumped into this world with me, so I will protect them and their business for always and forever. 

^ I mean, seriously…those ladies are THE BOMB!

Anyways, things are going well and I’m really super excited to bring you a new way to bring Hot Mama to your community. It truly gives you the freedom you’ve asked for and we’ve surveyed and researched and done our homework to make sure we nail this down for you. Change is hard and scary and exciting and thrilling…and I hope you’ll join me on my mission to change this world. We can do it…I believe this with all I am. I just need a group of incredible women, probably some wine, most likely peanut butter cups and the belief in me and this company to start the ripple…

I truly hope you’ll join me!

Again, just CLICK HERE and fill out the Learn More form. We’ll be in touch via email with an info package and some additional information! 

Thank you, everyone. For you love, support, kindness and respect as we look to pivot. Your belief in me means more than you could ever know. I will try super hard to not let you down. 

With love and respect,
Lindsay, Your OHM