Connecting flights are fun…. Said no Mother in the history of TIME!!!!

My husband and I have always enjoyed traveling (correction…. my husband always enjoyed traveling and continuously nudges me out of my comfort zone and encourages my home-body self to try new things). Potato- PoTATo.  ANYWAY…. So, after having children. WE 😉 thought it would be fun to continue with these “adventures”. And, I must admit, I truly do enjoy seeing and discovering new things thru our children’s eyes!

The method, in which we arrive at those destinations is another story!  A perfect example is when we flew to Australia for our friends’ wedding. At the time, we had two children (ages 3 and 1). The flight down went remarkably well. We flew thru the night so they were able to sleep the majority of the flight. We figured we had it made! We boarded the plane for our 16+ hour (with two connections) flight home with the confidence of completely delusional parents…. We had no clue what was in store for us!

Our 3-year-old could have fallen asleep absolutely anywhere. It was lovely. So being our “brilliant” selves we figured we would have her curled up on our laps and put the squirmy 1-year-old in the car seat we had hauled along with us. Everything was glorious until we hit turbulence and were told we had to hold the squirmy 1-year-old and the 3-year-old needed to be in her own seat. Yes, the wonderful car seat so kindly containing Miss Fidget now had to contain our 3-year old.

So, there we were for HOURS struggling with an over-tired, absolutely miserable, screaming 1 year old.

Good times.

But wait, it gets better!!! At about hour 14, yep 14 we FINALLY get everyone settled. Our 3-year-old in the carseat, 1-year-old in arms and the flight attendants started serving breakfast. All of a sudden (likely from all the air she swallowed while screaming for hours on end), our 1-year-old starts to throw up! We are trapped! Meal trays are down, flight attendants blocking the aisle to the bathroom and busy serving food. Thank goodness, my husband thinks quickly on his feet! He started to grab (and dump the food out of) the dishes recently placed on our meal trays and then proceeds to catch the vomit. We filled two FULL SETS of dishes!

The excitement continued! Our peacefully resting 3-year-old wakes from all the commotion and lucky for us is not impressed by all the delightful things she sees on the meal trays in front of her! She freaks out and tries to get out of her seat, KICKING the puke-filled meal trays and launching them within a 3-foot radius from where we are sitting!

The flight attendant brought us some additional napkins, friends (also on the flight with us-thank goodness!) helped by taking our kids so we could start cleaning up and scramble to find an ounce of sanity before the plane landed.

Eventually, we landed. Eventually, we arrived home. And eventually, my husband convinced me to fly with our kids again. I wouldn’t trade these memories for anything…. If nothing else, they are a great story to tell.