Before I became a Mother, I had my fair share of “going out” whether it be to dance the night away, a sociable nightcap, a visit for appetizers and the list goes on. But, then Motherhood happened and things changed.   

Lately, I’ve been a little sad to see posts about evenings out with friends, maybe a playdate to an indoor play park, or some other fun outing that I didn’t get invited to and thought to myself “Aw man, I could have made it out to that”.

The reality is when I became a Mom, my world changed (for the better cause I love my children) but my social life took a hard turn because well, I was and still am caring for my kids.

“Sorry I can’t go, my boy is sick”.
“Nope, we have soccer that day”.
“Hubby is still at work; I can’t leave them”.

Although the reasons are valid, they’re like a song on repeat looping to what sounds like “no, no, no, no” to my beloved friends until one day the asking gets less frequent and ultimately, stops. Not a peep from your friends. They stop asking. I get it, I really do, I say “no” a LOT but there are times I am free and would LOVE to see you and just get the heck out of the house!

So Mamas, friends, ladies, don’t stop asking us. Please. Because one day we’ll be able to go and we would love to be included. Friends are important and that interaction with someone other than our tiny humans is oh-so-needed. Children grow and become less dependent, but us Mamas?…we’re the same friend you used to know and always will be.

So I challenge you today: reach out to that friend that you’ve haven’t talked to in awhile. I guarantee they’ll be happy to hear from you.

Much love, Tonya