Imagine this… you’ve just had a baby. She’s amazing! A healthy baby girl. She’s perfect, beautiful and wonderous and you swear your heart is going to burst with love, joy and happiness. At the same time, you realize how precious she is, how delicate and how she is wholly dependant on you, her Mom!

Yikes, you’re a Mom! SNAP, reality hits and it’s time to grow up. While it’s exciting you soon realize you have no flippin’ clue how to do this. You’re overwhelmed, your hormones are running amuck and even you can’t believe how little sleep you’re functioning on. Your mind never seems to stop worrying.

She cries and you get up to feed her, but OUCH! You feel pain and instantly are aware of your c-section incision which is still healing. It’s now 6 weeks after you had her and you’re still wearing compression socks, getting in & out of the car is the worst, and pulling yourself up from a lying down position, forget it!

4 years ago that was me. I had never had to have surgery before my emergency c-section and I was completely unaware of the lasting effects it was going to have on me physically and mentally. I’m used to being a girl on the go and back then, even getting the mail seemed like an impossible task. I felt weak, alone, and lost. Most of all I felt scared. Scared that I wasn’t going to be a good Mom.

Now 4 years later, I sit here reflecting on this flashback. Now, my daughter is sweet, smart and helpful. She is becoming an independent young lady and loves helping her brother. She has the funniest imagination and she loves collecting things of all kinds. Who would have known it? Despite my complete lack of experience and knowledge in the area of Motherhood, she’s turned out beyond my wildest expectations.

And, just as she has grown so have I. I still have times I don’t know what I’m doing (daily in fact), but I am working on it. It took awhile, but I also started to focus on creating a healthy family by getting involved in Hot Mama Fit. It started out for my daughter, to give her a positive role model in this brutal sometimes cruel world, and have her be around other kids. I soon found out that Hot Mama Fit was also for me, it made daily tasks like playing with her easier and at the same time, I got to have some ‘me’ time. I found an amazing group of women I now call my friends who I can laugh, joke and vent with.  I’m able to do something for me and at the same time that she has “her” time. I’ve come to realize I can be both a good Mom to her, and create something independent of “just being a mom”.

In 4 years, I have done 3 ten kilometer fun runs, competed in the Mud Hero race twice, totally changed my relationship with food, and am tackling my newest challenge, running in my first ever half marathon. Just because you haven’t done something before, or you are at a place in your life where you feel weak and out of place doesn’t mean that you’re stuck being that same person forever.

Even though I think that the physical accomplishments I’ve achieved are amazing and I’m proud of myself, I think something more important happened. I am now healthy inside & out. I have the confidence, motivation and strength (both inner & outer) to tackle anything life throws at me. I have a great group of friends I can rely on to celebrate the good stuff, and pull me out of the dark on the down days. I work hard and I push myself past the limits I feel comfortable with to achieve my dreams. And the best part is, I see my daughter doing the same.

So here’s to growth! Growth as a Mom, growth of our families, growth as individuals. Find what it is that fills your cup and pursue it relentlessly. For me, it’s fitness and that’s why I strive every day to help create healthy, happy families. Now that I’ve seen what Hot Mama Fit can do for me & my daughter, I want to bring that to your family, to your friends’ families, and to every darn mom out there.

If you’re in the Red Deer, AB area, please connect with me at! I’d love to chat with you

With love and gratitude,