We all have those moments when we let things slide a little bit, don’t we? We overindulge on the Bailey’s, we scoop just a little bit extra (a helping or two?) on our plate, we forget about water and drink all the wine. Don’t even get me started on all the parties, the food, the booze and the gluttony that is the month of December!

If you DID manage to stay on track and you DID manage to get your workouts in…I salute you! I managed all my workouts, but I must admit my nutrition was not on point. Not even a super dull, smooshy (is that word?) point. 

Life happens. We let things slide a little bit (okay, a lot) and it’s really, truly hard to get back on track, isn’t it? I’ve been in the fitness industry for over 22 years, I have a Ph.D. in Exercise Physiology and even I slid so far off the rails this past summer I had trouble getting back on track. Even with my background, I floundered for over a month so I can’t imagine how overwhelming it must be for people without a fitness background. 

So, I decided to put my education to good use and create a program to help others just like me who dove (I’m talking epic swan dive) off the fitness and nutrition rails and have been rolling around in bagels, cheese, wine and peanut butter cups for weeks on end. I knew I needed my own help, so I figured many others might want my help, too.

I created Back on the Bandwagon last summer. I tried it out on myself and my bestie first (cuz that’s what I always do), then I had 60 Hot Mamas try it out as part of a Test Crew. From there, I tweaked, changed, edited, eliminated and improved the program until riiiiiiight now. It is officially BOMBASS and ready to go for YOU to jump on. 

If you have let overindulgence rule your life and you’re ready to pick yourself back up and start focusing on your health and fitness, this 10-day reset will help you do just that. It’ll get you back into your fitness groove and it’ll help you start to break the overeating/overindulging habits you’ve allowed yourself to wallow in. After 10 days you’ll have more energy, more confidence and you’ll feel a heck of a lot better about your fitness and nutrition goals. 

The best part? We’re in this together. We’re officially launching Back on the Bandwagon on January 4th. So, on the 4th you’ll be able to purchase the program, access it in its entirety, read the rules, figure out ways to schedule your workouts and plan, plan, plan to get back on track. THEN…we’re all going to start the program together on January 10th. 

WHY is that so awesome? Because…I routinely hear how important going through programs WITH others is. OH…and ACCOUNTABILITY! Many, many, many of you need to be accountable and you can bet your sweet buns that the 100s of women starting on January 10th are going to hold you accountable. Oh. Yes. They. Are!

If you’ve never done a Hot Mama program before…welcome! You’re in for a real treat. We’re ridiculously funny, supportive, inspirational and SMART. Not to toot our own horns but…TOOT TOOT! 

So, be sure to CLICK HERE to get on our email list for the LAUNCH PROMO released on January 4th for Back on the Bandwagon! 

Seriously…you’re not going to want to miss out. AND…I have a SUPER SURPRISE for those of you that register between January 4 – 9. But…I can’t tell you right now…because, you know, the whole surprise thing…stay tuned.

Now go…get on the list and start thinking about how you’re going to reset your body and mind come January 10th with Hot Mama’s Back on the Bandwagon program. You won’t regret it, of that I am absolutely, 100% certain!