Do you have a group of strong women around you that build you up, every damn day?

I DO!!! It is my Hot Mama Health & Fitness Family.

Being a human can be hard. Being a woman can be even harder. Some days there are a LOT of obstacles mentally, emotionally and socially. I remember being bullied by my “friends”. How can your “friends” say such mean things?! This was a defining characteristic for me…for years. If a “friend” criticized me, I took it, if they discouraged me, I took it. Not once did I ever question it…for years!!

Over time I broke away from the friends who I let bring me down and I am beyond lucky that I have a strong family support system at home.  Slowly I found my way to Lindsay Goulet, the OHM (Original Hot Mama), and this incredible community of strong Hot Mamas.

I started this journey in February 0f 2017 and am continually (every single day!) astounded by the positivity I am surrounded by. It is hard to describe how incredible it feels to know that every single day, without fail, this community of women are rooting for me and appreciate that I am rooting for them!

The power of positivity can be found in our classes, our programs and all things Hot Mama. The communities that are built on the Hot Mama foundation of honouring motherhood prove there is room for everyone here. It takes effort to be nasty and it takes effort to be kind. Wouldn’t you rather be surrounded by kindness? I am so grateful to have arrived at a time in my life where my daily efforts are spent spreading kindness, and building the women around me up so that they can succeed.

My Hot Mama Tribe is full of women that I hope to know for the rest of my life. It’s built on a foundation of respect that doesn’t let resentment creep in…IT IS BEYOND POWERFUL! They have my back unconditionally and I know that at any moment any one of them would be the first to squash any negativity that came my way. If I had the opportunity to speak to my younger self I would tell her how amazing life is going to be and I’d educate her on the kind of women she should start surrounding herself with.

I have the privilege of offering classes through my Hot Mama franchise in Stoney Creek to incredible women who give back to me just as much as I share with them. If you ever want to feel the power of a Hot Mama Class please reach out to me…I would love to chat! 

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Take a Moment to spread some kindness today and you will be amazed what you get back!

Your Stoney Creek Main Mama,