Hey There Amazing Mama!

I wanted to take a quick second to introduce myself and share a bit about my life and what lead me to Hot Mama Health & Fitness. I am the owner of the St. Albert location, and I am grateful every single day to have this amazing community of Mamas in my life.

Prior to having Minis, I worked as a Registered Nurse in Home Care. I loved working in the community and getting to know people in their own environment as well as the opportunity to get to know their families. 10 months after our first daughter was born we moved to California. We enjoyed close to two years of living in the sunny state but ultimately decided that we wanted to be back home.

Between multiple moves, four Minis in 7 years and life’s random curve balls, there were many times that life was far from unicorns and rainbows.

After our second daughter was born, I felt like I was coasting along as well as any Mama of two little ones could be…

It wasn’t until a close friend flat-out asked me if I thought I might have postpartum depression, that it hit me. I burst into tears. And said, “yes, I think I do”.

Writing it now is still hard. It is hard to admit when you are not doing well, whether it is physically or emotionally. But something had significantly shifted for me. I loved my daughters more than anything, but I still couldn’t bring myself to find joy in the day to day life that was supposed to be so “amazing”. So… pile, on top of the depression, a massive heap of Mom guilt! No one wants to talk about being depressed so we often end up feeling isolated and alone.

I am extremely grateful for the support I had from close friends and family. Some of which (until now) likely never knew how bad I felt. I am also grateful that after my third and fourth Minis were born, I did not experience postpartum depression. I feel a part of that was being more aware due to my past experience and learning from that experience.

Fast forward to last winter, when a close friend had told me about this “Incredible New Hot Mama Fitness Class” she had been to in Calgary, AB…

I truly had no idea how to go about making it happen, but I knew that I needed to be a part of it! Over the past year, I have taken my group fitness instructor training, as well as additional Hot Mama Health & Fitness training to be able to provide fitness classes to local Mamas, where they are able to have their Minis by their side as they workout.

The biggest draw, for me personally, was that Hot Mama is about SO much more than fitness! Yes, it is a major component; but with being fit, and coming to classes regularly, Mamas are meeting other Mamas who know exactly what this crazy journey is all about.

It is the support, love, and kindness shown to fellow Mamas that Hot Mama is so well known for. Hot Mama Health & Fitness offers FREE classes to Mamas when you are between 8 & 16 weeks postpartum, known as our Postpartum Initiative! If you or someone you know, would be interested in joining an amazing group of Mamas please email me at chris@hotmamafit.com or see all that Hot Mama Fit has to offer by checking out our website: st-albert.hotmamafit.com.

Motherhood is hard, some days harder than others, but I truly believe if you surround yourself with people who understand: the tough days are manageable… and the great days can be INCREDIBLE!


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Looking forward to meeting you and your adorable Minis for a class soon!