We’re looking to expand our team even MORE and perhaps it’s YOU that we’re looking for! Perhaps YOU will be a part of our Hot Mama family and own your very own Hot Mama Franchise in your community. 

I get asked all the time why I focus on global domination (because yes, it’s on the website!).


I figure if you don’t put it out there, how the heck can you get what you want? But honestly, the truth is it’s because I know thousands of women around the world need us. I look at the 27 franchises we have up and running now and if I take the time to sit back, reflect and #dancedammit, I realize we have helped thousands…THOUSANDS…of women and their families get fit, find support, love themselves and motivate and inspire their kids, friends and families to get active.

We have helped thousands of women achieve goals they never thought they could.

We have helped hundreds (maybe thousands now?) of women combat postpartum depression by providing free classes to them and creating a safe place for them to release frustrations and find joy again.

We have helped women remember they’re important and that their bodies are incredible works of art.

We have done all of this…with 27 locations.

IMAGINE what we could do with 50 franchises? 100? Imagine what good Hot Mama could do if we were a global phenomenon! 

So, what’s in it for you? Um…anything you want, to be honest. We provide you with a Hot Mama business, all the trademarks, training, support, marketing material, website, programs, ideas, etc…and you, well you work from home with your kids by your side. You help build community through family fitness. You help support and empower women to get active, to move their beautiful bodies, to be incredible role models for their kids.

Is business easy? Nope. Not one single bit! Is it easier when you have an incredible team of inspiring women walking the path right beside you? Going through exactly what you’re going through? Oh yes! Absolutely!

Sure, others try to imitate and copy what we do. Others try to copy our classes. They try to create programs based off what they’ve learned from us. They even take our graphics and use them for their own (is that ballsy or what?!), but what they don’t have is the dream of the OHM (Original Hot Mama – that’s me!) behind them. They don’t have the PhD brain to develop programs that are safe, effective and fun. They don’t have 27+ franchise owners cheering them on. They don’t have thousands of women supporting, loving and building their brand. They don’t have any of it…because they’re not Hot Mama.

And Hot Mama…well…we’re a force to be reckoned with.

If you love fitness. If you’re driven, silly, authentic and smart. If you want to help change the world. If you want to be a part of something rewarding and incredible. Well then, you need to apply for your own Hot Mama franchise. 

It’s pretty easy. You fill out the application. You have a quick Meet & Greet call so we can learn about you. Then you chat with me and the rest of our team so you can get ALL of your questions answered. Applying doesn’t mean committing. It means you’re interested and want to learn more! So, I hope you’ll apply to learn more about Hot Mama today! 

CLICK HERE to Learn More about Hot Mama.


I hope to chat with you soon! Question?! JUST ASK! Woop! It’s a super exciting time!

Our next Franchise Owner training session runs from NOVEMBER 12 – 18. Will YOU be there?!?!