My name is Jamie Clanfield, I’m a Mom to 4 kids. I’m the biological Mom of a beautiful girl and married to the funny, supportive, love of my life who comes with my 3 amazing stepkids.

My journey to becoming a Hot Mama Franchise Owner (aka Main Mama) started right out of high school when I trained in dance education for a couple of years, and then opened my own business which was a dance studio for children. During that time my goal was to be a role model for those growing little minds. I truly just wanted to make a difference. After 9 years I was in a saturated market unable to support myself, the business and stick to my business path, so I closed the doors and left the industry.

I truly believe that everything happens for a reason because after I closed my business I had my beautiful girl, who literally changed my world. I put myself through night school for a new career and quickly realized once I started in the field that, although I enjoyed it, it was not conducive to a family…at ALL! So like so many other Mamas, I went back to a stable family-friendly job to take care of my responsibilities.

About 2 years ago I resolved to get balance in my life because I truly believe there is a way I can be a great Mom, good partner, provide for my family, show myself love and most importantly, make a difference. Six months later I had a vision for a business where parents and kids could workout
together but it didn’t exist in an area near me. I had been knocked down enough in business that I feared the enormous amount of effort it would take to build from the ground up…been there, done that!

I came home from work one day and was sitting at the kitchen island scrolling through Facebook when an ad for Hot Mama Health & Fitness popped up as a suggested post. Obviously, I clicked on it and the rest is history! Everything I read on the website was what I was missing, and spoke to me as if they

Everything I read on the website was what I was missing, and spoke to me as if they were words coming out of my mouth. Meeting Lindsay the OHM (Original Hot Mama), Erin and the other Main Mamas I instantly felt as if I was part of the family. It has been an incredible experience that is only going up from here as I follow my passion for personal balance and making a difference to other Mamas like me!

I am dedicating myself to building a Hot Mama Health Fitness community in Stoney Creek & surrounding areas. I’m doing it because I have traveled across the country to Victoria, B.C. and witnessed the power it has on Moms, their Minis and the loved ones around them. This is about family fitness at the core, but it impacts so much more – it is part of a much larger picture I am extremely proud of.

It is so thrilling to return to a place where I am driven by passion, share the joy with others, and make my family proud. Please join me on my journey by sharing Hot Mama Health & Fitness – Stoney Creek FB Page, joining the Hot Mama Fit – Stoney Creek group, following me on Twitter and Instagram

Classes are running NOW and I have some amazing offers for you and your friends/family! Please come and join me for an experience like you’ve never had before! Email…I look forward to connecting with you! 

For now, head on over to my website and check it all out! C’mon…who doesn’t love a good workout & w(h)ine night?!