I’ve said it before and I will say it ’til the day I die (70 years from now), Hot Mama changes lives

Not only does it change the lives of the people (who become friends) we get to work with in our many, many (27 so far!) Hot Mama communities, but it changes the lives of their families, their friends and for me, our Franchise Owners.

You see…growing is business hard work. And, I’m not talking about myself and growing the Hot Mama empire. I’m talking about the incredible women on the ground loving, hugging, supporting and encouraging the women in their own communities to get active and support one another. Business can be hard but what’s been interesting for me, the OHM, is watching my Franchise Owners grow with confidence into business women and take what’s hard and learn to make it easy(ier).  

Most of the Mamas who become Main Mamas have little to no business background. We bring them to training and for a week we educate, encourage and most likely overwhelm the heck out of them. Then we say “GET TO WORK!”…with love and respect, of course. 

Time and time again I see the most amazing thing begin to happen. These women? Well now, they become business women. 

They grow their business skin, they critically look at marketing strategies, they brainstorm ideas and they…build their business like I don’t even think they thought was possible. For some, it takes a little longer and through every step they doubt, they fear, they’re excited and they’re thrilled…and they forge ahead. To success.

For others, their business launches with FULL classes and waitlists!

But however their business starts, I see time and time again women joining my Hot Mama family…and thriving. One of the most amazing parts of the work I am so freakin’ blessed to do is watch someone “grow” into their business.  

I always tell new owners (or potential owners) that if they’re terrified and excited at the same time, they’re exactly where they’re supposed to be as a business owner. 

I’ve seen women build the business they desire for themselves and their family. Some work Hot Mama part-time and provide supplemental income and some (in our larger communities) work their Hot Mama business full-time and thrive with full classes and programs. Many of the franchise owners I get to work with have become some of the smartest and most business-savvy women I know. 

So, what’s the best part of growing the Hot Mama empire? Well. Helping people, of course. But, not in the way you think. I love helping women combat postpartum depression. I love helping women learn to love their bodies. I love that I’ve helped create a space where women go to feel safe, supported, loved and yes, sweaty. But, lately, what lights me up is seeing my Franchise Owners grow into their business skin, challenge themselves (and me some days!) and succeed. 

When I get a message from an owner vibrating with excitement and joy because of their success…well, my, my, my…doesn’t that just motivate the heck out of me to continue to grow and push and drive this business! 

To all of my Franchise Owners…I believe in you. WE, at HQ, believe in you. Work your business and reap the success you deserve. Believe in your greatness and the power of our message. We are a force to be reckoned with and I believe in ALL of you…present and future.

If you’re at all interested in joining my family, CLICK HERE and fill out the form to receive our franchise information package. Then…APPLY

Our BOLD 25 (the first 25 owners) is full, so we’re now looking for our Fierce 50. Is it you? Do I get to watch you grow into your business skin and thrive in a way you never thought possible? I sure hope so!