Hot Mama started over five years ago. I’m going to need a moment to reminisce. 

Five years ago I decided to go full force with Hot Mama. I decided that yes, it’s true, you should follow your passion, your education and work for something you’re good at and that you believe in. I started Hot Mama by begging and pleading with my friends to just show up so I could teach. So I could live my joy. And show up they did. Then, they brought friends. And their friends brought friends. 

All of a sudden there was this community of ridiculously amazing and supportive women. Women who did burpees then went for wine. Women who cheered one another on. Women who lifted one another up when all they wanted to do was fall. All of a sudden Hot Mama wasn’t just a fitness business, it was a way of life. You live Hot Mama. You are Hot Mama. 

I began to realize it wasn’t enough. I could help women where I live, but how do I help women all over the world the way I know that I am meant to help? 

How do I make a difference when I am just me. 


I search for other women who believe in what I do, what I stand for. I search for women who believe in the power of exercise. I search for women who believe in the strength and support of community. I search for women who want to change the way fitness is looked at. I search for women who believe in the power of community.  I thought if I could build an incredible community of women, if I could expand our community and bring other women in to build Hot Mama, I…no WE…could really make a difference in this world.

SO, I franchised.

Let me tell you right now, franchising is not easy. But, it has allowed me to create a family of women who I trust, love, respect and work tirelessly for. These women, our BOLD 25, our Fierce 50…THEY are the reason Hot Mama is what it is today. THEY are the reason we have 1000’s of Hot Mamas across Canada and into the UK, USA and Australia. THEY are the reason I have the boldness to believe in the power of Hot Mama and the goodness we bring to this world. THEY are the reason I believe in Hot Mama’s capacity for global domination.

After my second year of business in Hot Mama, I had the idea of creating a Hot Mama membership site. I didn’t know what it would look like. I didn’t know what it could be. All I knew was that I was constantly asked how people could get more involved with Hot Mama. Women wanted to be able to help spread the word about what we’re doing to and for the fitness industry and for women in general. 

I called it Mega Mamas (omg…that’s so terrible). It was an idea. An idea that grew in my mind. An idea that constantly woke me in the middle of the night whispering words like “psssst…Meeegaaa Maaamaaaa…dooo it” and “chicken” and “what are you so scared of?”. It was this little bully idea that wouldn’t let go. 

So, this summer I decided to go with my gut and pursue it. I decided that my gut hasn’t been wrong yet, so let’s rock ‘n roll and let’s figure out what Mega Mamas could be.

First up. SAY “NO” to Mega Mama. Say “YES” to Hot Mama GOLD

I mean…if you love the name Mega Mama I can change it…but erm…no, no I actually won’t do that. And I apologize for even putting that out there. Oy.

I digress.

Hot Mama GOLD. My new baby. 

As I worked on the idea of a GOLD crew I really looked at what Mamas need and want with respect to being a part of Hot Mama. They want to be a part of a growing empire. They want to support, inspire and motivate their friends and family to get active. They want to empower women to love and support one another. Of course, they want discounts, retreats and all the goodies that would come with being a member of an exclusive club. 

But what else? Ohhhhhh…they wanna make money! Oh yes! 

Over the past few months my business partner, Erin, and my HQ team have been working to sort Hot Mama GOLD out and make it the most incredible membership club out there.

We’re opening up pre-sale for Hot Mama GOLD on August 8th. What does that mean? It means you get to become one of the first Mamas to join our Hot Mama GOLD Crew and help us launch Hot Mama into the stratosphere so we can reach women we would not be able to reach without you. 

I cannot create change alone. I need you. I need your support. I need your love of Hot Mama. I cannot fail if I have that. So, I hope you’ll join me in my mission to not only create a movement of family fitness, but to encourage and empower women to use exercise and community to love themselves and their bodies. 

You probably wanna know what ya get, oui?! Well, here’a quick (though perhaps not totally complete) list of all the goodies included in a membership to Hot Mama GOLD:

  • Your own Hot Mama webpage with referral links to our classes & online programs;
  • 30% commission on all sales from your webpage;
  • Franchise sale referral commission opportunity ($500 – $1000)
  • Exclusive discounts on the classes and programs you participate in;
  • Access to one FREE online program (IGNITE or Screw the Scale);
  • Access to other online programs at a ridiculously reduced price;
  • Sneak peeks to Hot Mama’s latest programs before they release to the public;
  • Access to our Members-Only FB Group;
  • Invites to Members-Only retreats & excursions;
  • A Hot Mama GOLD tank top
  • Whatever else I can dream up to make you happy!

Pretty good, right? You like? OMG…I hope you like this. You do. I’m sure you do. Right?! RIGHT?! 

So, if you’re wanting to know MORE about Hot Mama GOLD, just CLICK HERE, drop your email and we’ll be in touch! 

Alright, Mamas…I’m just going to go drink some wine and eat a few peanut butter cups to settle my nerves. I’m excited for this and I hope you love this idea! 

Again, PRE-SALE begins August 8th and we should have the Membership Club up and running by the end of September.

HOWEVER, we have amazing incentives for you to get in early…so stay tuned for Launch Promos! You’re REALLY going to want to be one of our first 100 members of Hot Mama GOLD


With mad respect and gratitude,
Lindsay, Your OHM