The other day I was sitting around and I thought “Oh my! My house is about to swallow me up!”. I needed some form of motivation. SO, I thought is interval training only for fitness????…HMMMMM I don’t think so, Mamas!

Something you may not know about being a Main Mama is that we spend a lot of time on our computer. NO! We are not just checking our Facebook. We are planning workouts, doing research on new and exciting exercises, planning our schedule, bookwork and all those fun things that go with being a Main Mama and business owner!

Do I love to do all of this? NO! But do I love my Hot Mamas? YES!

BUT to get through the to-do list of owning a business sometimes my housework gets a WHEEEEE bit neglected.  

Balance is a hard thing to find in this line of work. Keeping up with all my Mama duties (which is always #1), as well as keeping up with my household duties, wife duties, Main Mama duties and all the other duties I’m responsible for…well, it can feel impossible some days and hard to find a good groove.  

I have owned the Hot Mama Health & Fitness – Sylvan Lake franchise for a year now. I’ve learned so much and I’ve worked toward (and succeeded at) achieving small successes in finding balance! 

So, when I thought about interval training for housework and screen time, I’m pretty sure I was put on “genius status”. And hey, if you have already discovered this nugget of awesome, give yourself a high five and I welcome you to the High Five Club!

The low down! What you have all been waiting for…

Set a timer, your kitchen timer or a timer on your phone for 15 minutes. During this first 15 minutes, you have to clean your house, dishes, laundry, dusting or whatever needs to get done.  BOOM!

Then, once that timer goes set it again for 15 minutes and hit the computer! Screen time, business work, spread sheets. Work on what you need to work on for those 15 minutes.

Continue to do both intervals for 2 hours or even all day! Even an hour and you will be AMAZED at how productive you will be in those 15 minutes and how clean your house will start to become.

Now, this doesn’t just have to be for housework or computer work. It could be as simple as 15 minutes of one on one time with my children. 15 minutes for one child and then 15 minutes for the other. Then, of course, you could add another 15 minutes for yourself! YES, Mamas YOURSELF!

Interval training for your life! WHO KNEW? It’s not just for your workouts, Mamas.

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