One word to describe that photo?

Um, sorry, but I can’t put that photo into one word! So grab your coffee, your wine and have a little read about Hot Mama Fit – Sylvan Lake‘s Screw the Scale Journey.

One day we had a little zoom call with our FEARLESS leader, OHM LINDSAY, about a new program she thought up at 3:00am, called Screw the Scale (previously called Screw Skinny).  She started describing the program to her tribe of Main Mamas and you could see the impact of her words on all our faces. Then…came the water works!

Tears about our own struggles and tears from our OHM because when I say she believes in Hot Mama Health & Fitness, I mean she truly, with her entire heart and soul, believes in it! She believes in every single program she writes and creates but this program was like none we had ever seen or heard before!

Was I 1000% on board?! UM…Let me think about it…HELL YES I was!

Let the Journey begin….

The night before I taught my first class I was sick to my stomach. I was beyond NERVOUS! So I texted a friend who also happens to be a Main Mama (owner of Hot Mama Fit – Calgary Macleod SW) and said, “LADY I can’t do this! I can’t go in front of these Mamas and teach this feeling stuff! FEELINGS? YUCKY!!! I can’t be vulnerable in front of these Women! I barely know them! What did I get myself into! Will they be receptive to the Self Care Home Practice? Will they like this format? TALK ME OFF THE LEDGE!!!!”.

“OK breathe! You got this, Carla! You will be amazing!”

OHHHH AMY I love you! Thank you, Friend!

And so it begins…

When I think about this program I always go back to this one song, “Scars to Your Beautiful by Alessia Cara” There is always one line that sticks out to me: “You don’t have to change a thing the world could change its heart”. I mean, seriously, think about that line!

I shared this song with my Mamas as they walked into class to make them feel safe. I wanted them to know that Hot Mama and this program is absolutely a judgement-free zone! I can only hope that they felt this way throughout their Screw the Scale journey.  

Throughout the program, you something called Love Yourself More exercises. And these exercises, truly, are what makes this program different. As the journeyed through the weeks I saw them all growing, changing, expanding. And, I began to see something else: I saw myself. As I am. Right now.

I was changing as an instructor. I was growing as a person. I was growing as a Mama. I was finding out who Carla Erickson was again! I got my voice back and it felt good!

As our last class approached, I realized I was sad to have the program end. Sad to say goodbye to Screw the Scale and to not see my Mamas every Wednesday! But, as I now reflect on this last class my heart fills again and again. There was so much LOVE! So much APPRECIATION for one another. SO many compliments!

I was and continue to be overjoyed and overwhelmed by the amount of LOVE that one room could be filled with!

Remember that moment when I was said, “I don’t want to cry in front of these Women!”? Well, sometimes you have no control and it happened…I became vulnerable in front of these AMAZING Women and I didn’t feel one bit of embarrassment. I felt SUPPORTED. I felt loved. I felt honored. I received amazing compliments and I saw myself through their eyes for the first time.

To say I was grateful is an understatement. I was grateful, overjoyed and overwhelmed. And, I was able to give it all right back to my Hot Mamas. I spoke to them about how I saw them. I spoke to their strengths, their power. And I spoke through tears to forge another bond in that room. There was and continues to be so much love. 

The big question I really wanted to have answered from them was this: what did you learn from this program?…and the responses were brilliant!

I had Mamas who learned that for years they had only thought about their children and for the first time they were thinking about what they wanted! I had Mamas who learned to appreciate everything they have! I had Mamas who realized to slow down, enjoy the moments and simply be. I had Mamas look at themselves for the first time in a long time. And, I had Mamas realize you truly do not have to do it all. 

And what did I learn!?…

I learned to Love Myself More! I learned to stand up for what I want. I learned that it’s okay to say NO! I learned that it’s okay to make decisions for myself and do things just for me!

One of the best parts of Screw the Scale? We wrapped up this program with a little Scale Bash on April 2! We grabbed a sledgehammer and we SMASHED some scales!


Did I love this program? Understatement of the year, MAMAS!

You will grow! You will start to appreciate the little things about yourself again! You will love yourself a little (or a lot) more.

OH, and did I mention you will workout?! Yeah, we worked out! So when you see Screw the Scale CLICK and JOIN! When you see Hot Mama Fit Sylvan Lakes Screw the Scale program JOIN IT! You will not only meet some new, incredible Mama friends, you may be reunited with a dear friend you might have lost along the way…YOURSELF!

I do recommend you go through the Screw the Scale program in person, so check with your local franchise. If you don’t have a franchise near you, you can check out our Screw the Scale Online Program launching May 4, 2017. CLICK HERE for your FREE WEEK of Screw the Scale.