Oh yeah, baby! It’s back! Get ready to rock your #SweatySelfie and join us for another 6 weeks of Rock Your Routine! 

What IS Rock Your Routine?

Good question. Rock Your Routine is a challenge Hot Mama Health & Fitness likes to throw down every few months. We want you to stay committed to your workout plan and we figure incentivizing you with cute tanks tops and a chance of winning cold hard cash are both pretty great ways of doing so! 

Here’s the deets: You commit to at least 3, 30-minute workouts per week for 6 weeks, you take some sweaty selfies as cold, hard evidence of your sweat sesh. Repeat for 6 weeks and you’ll get a tank top delivered to your door and you’ll be entered for a chance to win one of three GRAND PRIZES! That’s it…well that and following through on your commitment to working your body and getting sweaty 3 times per week for 6 weeks. 

What do you need to do?

Well, first you need to pledge your $47, which gets you entered into the challenge! PLEDGE HERE!

Then, you’ll receive an email from us on March 5th, the day before we start, with instructions on how to upload your sweaty selfies and stay in the competition!

THEN…just keep doin’ that for 6 weeks! At the end of the 6 weeks, we randomly draw our winners from the list of awesome Mamas who have completed all of their workouts for 6 weeks! See? Nice and easy!

Why is RYR “New & Improved”?

Since the January Challenge, where we had over 1000 people join us for our 31-day Fitness Challenge, we’ve been told repeatedly how much you love receiving workouts and challenges to help keep you motivated, inspired and…entertained. SO, we wanted to incorporate challenges and workouts into Rock Your Routine. Every Monday you’ll receive either a workout for your sweaty enjoyment or a challenge to complete throughout the week!

It’s your choice as to whether you complete the additional Monday challenges or workouts, but it’s a way to help keep you interested and motivated! You DO need to do 3, 30-minute workouts each week for the 6 weeks…the challenges and workouts are just an awesome bonus!

As always, you’ll want to join the Hot Mama FB Group for the support, encouragement, nutritious recipes and general awesomeness that is Hot Mama! We’re here to support you and help you stay the course. There will be weeks where you’ll want to forget it, but our community is strong (and sometimes lovingly push) and will help you success at this challenge!

What if I don’t have a Hot Mama location near me?

No problem! Any workout is valid for entry! Swimming, cycling, dancing, weight training, hiking. We just want you to get active at least 3 times per week for 30 minutes! All activity counts! Yoga? It counts! Jogging? It counts! Dance party? It counts…as long as you’re sweaty at the end of it and smiling for your #sweatyselfie! 

What can you win?!

Ohhhhhh…we love prizes! So, first thing’s first…if you complete the 6 weeks of #RockYourRoutine, you’ll receive this super sweet tank top delivered right to your door! 

Then, you’ll be entered to win one of THREE amazing GRAND PRIZES:

Prize #1 – $500 CASH
Prize #2 – $250 CASH
Prize #3 – One level of our at-home workout plan IGNITE


Okie dokie! We’ve decided that if we have over 200 people register in our super amazing #RockYourRoutine challenge we will DOUBLE THE PRIZES. Yup, 2 people will win $500, 2 people will win $250 and 2 people will get access to IGNITE! 

So…share, share, share this competition with your friends and family and let’s get as many people Rockin’ Their Routine as possible! C’mon! Spread the word and spread the Hot Mama community to all those you know!