Welcome to your workout! We’re about to get your heart pumpin’ and your muscles quivering with a workout that may look easy, but we promise you, it’s not!

Begin with a 5-minute warm-up: stairs, march, jog, etc. and then hit the workout!

This circuit is a full body workout. Do one round of 12-15 reps one type of squat followed by 12-15 reps of one type of lunge, same for push-ups and crunches. Each circuit has 1 minute of cardio between each round.  Voila!


1. Squat variations: Always sit way back (like you’re sitting on a chair and your bum is going to touch the back), put your weight through your heels, knees stay stacked over your ankles, shoulders face forward.

  • Regular

  • Plie: Feet step wide, toes pointed out at 45 degrees

  • Narrow: Toes touching, knees together

  • Squat + side lift: When your come up to standing straighten and lift one leg straight out to the side. Alternate legs.

  • Squat Jumps: Add a jump, power up!

2. Reverse lunge variations: Keep your front knee stacked directly on top of your ankle. Bring your back knee down towards the ground.

  • Regular

  • Lunge + Kick Front: When returning to standing stay balanced on one leg and bring the opposite on through to the front and push forward with your heel.

  • Curtsy Lunge: When you step back cross your back leg behind and back about 45 degrees to the back corner of the room. Keep your front knee right on top of your ankle.

  • Side Lunge: Step one foot wide, the other extends straight, sit back knee over ankle. Repeat on the other side.

  • Lunge Jumps: Step one foot back, use your arms to propel yourself up and jump up. Switch legs and land in lunge position with the opposite foot forward

3. Push-up variations

  • Regular: the good ol’ standby

  • Tricep: Tuck your arms in so that your elbows stay glued to the side of your ribcage and your elbows point up and back

  • Wide: Walk your hands out a little wider than usual

  • Staggered: Place one hand forward and to the side at 45 degrees. Keep the other close to the body.

  • Diamond: Put your index fingers together and your thumbs together to form a diamond.

4. Crunch variations

  • Regular: Bring your ribs towards your hips as your shoulders peel off the ground.

  • Bicycle Crunch: From crunch position rotate your core and bring your opposite elbow and knee closer together focusing on your abdominals

  • V-sit: Sit on the floor and lean back to engage your abs. Lift your feet off the floor. Move your feet away from you, then pull them back in.

  • Deadbug: Lie on your back, arms raised fingers pointing towards the sky. Raise your legs to 90 degrees knees stacked on top of hips. Extend one leg away from you as you raise both hand up over your head and back towards your ears. Pull everything back to your original position. Repeat with other leg and both hands.

  • Superman: Lie on your stomach with your hands stretched in front of you. Engage your lower back and glutes to arch both hands and both legs slightly off the ground.

Cardio variations

  • Burpees: No pushup. Step back, no jump option available.

  • Moguls: start with feet together and hop to the side, rotating your feet to 45 degrees, Lower back down and hop/rotate to the opposite side.

  • Skaters: Take a wide step to the side. Bring the free leg back and behind you as the opposite arm sweeps and reaches forward in front. Step or jump to the other side and repeat.

  • High Knees: Stand with feet hip distance apart and raise one knee towards your chest. Step/jog/run to the other foot and keep on going!

  • Mountain Climbers: From plank position bring one knee in towards your nose. Step it back to meet the other as you switch legs. Step/jog/run levels.

Cool down 5 minutes.

Feel awesome because you ARE!

Guest Blogger: Kyra Atilla – Hot Mama & Franchise Owner
Hot Mama Health & Fitness – Red Deer South
To connect with Kyra, please email kyra@hotmamafit.com