I remember the first time I saw the Hot Mama Logo. It was on the Cranston Buy and Sell on Facebook- Lindsey (the owner) was doing a “pop-up” class. I did not go to the class. But I did request to be a part of the group on Facebook. For a long time, that’s all I was..a member of the group, just watching things be posted, seeing pics of classes, motivational quotes, the odd recipe. I sat and watched. For a month at least. I even passed right by the booth at the baby and tot show that year. Did not stop. I didn’t stop and talk to anyone. I was depressed. I was out of the house, so that counts. But I wasn’t feeling very good about myself, my parenting skills, my body, my face, anything. But I was out of the house. I smiled sometimes. But my smiles were hollow. No one really knew- I didn’t even know to be honest, I didn’t realize what was going on with me at all.

I’ll never forget my first Hot Mama class. It took all the courage I had in me to show up to that class by myself. I was so scared that Blake was going to scream while I was working out, or need to nurse, disrupt what was happening- and I had voiced my concerns to Lindsey in a PM. She told me that there were babies of “all personalities” and that she didn’t mind holding babies if need be.I was encouraged by this, she never once tried to convince me, or pressure me, just reassured me that we would be a welcome pair.

My first class was amazing. Blake did not make one peep. (Not that it would have mattered, there were babies everywhere!) And my body the next morning has NEVER been so sore in my entire life. I was HOOKED. I should have just jumped into the unlimited. There was not a morning I was missing this class. It was the start of my day- every single day for almost a year. It pulled me out of the house, got me talking to other moms, it was my RELEASE. Of everything. The stress, the guilt, the feelings of sucking. They would somehow just disappear as I pushed myself to the point of dripping sweat, purple-faced muscle exhaustion every day.

Now this isn’t to say that Hot Mama classes are ridiculously hard. They are what you make them. It’s all about how hard you want them to be. Like anything in life, what you get out of them is directly related to what you put in. Everything is modifiable. When I first started going to these classes, I remember Lindsey patting me on the back when I was attempting a push-up, and whispering, ‘try to modify.’ My poor back was hanging and it probably looked super painful. It’s almost like I needed her permission, I came to my knees and all of the sudden I could do a pushup. I looked around, and saw everyone doing whatever they needed to get a pushup done. Some were from their knees, some from their toes, some were barely pushing any weight at all. And guess what? No one cared! Everyone just doing what worked for them. I was SO in love with this atmosphere.

There were the Moms that were coming to class every day, and they were some of  the most supportive, inspiring women I have ever met in my life. I am still friends with them now. In fact, when new Moms come to class, they are the ones introducing themselves, giving hugs, just being the most welcoming, awesome humans you could possibly imagine.

THIS is why I started to look into Hot Mama as a business. I went from crying on my couch every day to kicking some serious a*s and falling back in love with life. I want to create that environment for MORE moms! I want moms to walk in and feel welcome. I want people to come to class and be so happy they did. I want people to come to class and feel satisfied with their workout. Feel stronger, happier for having done it. I want you to come to my class and connect with some other Mamas. One might be going through the same thing as you are at the same time. Another might have ways to cope, or things that worked for them with their babies. Maybe that’s the reason you come to class! Just to get out of the house and have some adult interaction! That’s ok too….I mean, I would like to see some sweat dripping off your forehead, but at the end of the day- it’s YOUR workout! I’ll put it together for you, but you are the one putting the effort into making it happen.

If you are reading this and are on the fence about coming to class- if you’re stuck because you don’t want to come alone, or maybe you’re like me, maybe you’re crying and feeling a little lost. These are the reasons that Hot Mama exists. Take the leap! Try a class! It’s FREE for that reason! We want you out of the house, we want you sweating, we want you meeting new Mamas! We are here for YOU! Women supporting women. It’s a pretty amazing thing. Come join us!


Written by: Amy Klessens, Hot Mama & Franchise Owner
Hot Mama Health & Fitness – Calgary Macleod SW
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