By now you know that Hot Mama Fit is so much more than fitness. Every chance I get I talk about everything that we are and everything that we do for Mamas. Because I am so passionate about the topic, I can speak endlessly about the positive effect our community has had on the lives of Mamas and their Minis and in reality, on their family has a whole. But it is not very often I talk about what Hot Mama is not.
Until now.
Hot Mama isn’t about perfection or even the perception of perfection. Not one member of our community claims to have this motherhood thing figured out and in honest to goodness truth, not one of my Mamas even pretends to have it figured out. Every day I see kids spilling out of minivans and SUVs – some days the kids smiles can light up the universe along with their happy nothing-can-ruin-me type of moods. And while other days, one look in their direction and they are face down screaming and not even the freshest slice of Starbucks banana bread has a hope of stopping the emotional freight train. And the best part? Our Mamas walk into class with one of two faces that either reads “good morning! Let’s do this” or one that screams, “Don’t ask. Let’s just get moving”. All without the fear of judgment.
Hot Mama isn’t a tribe of women who parent the same way or hold the same views on the controversial topics that plague our ever growing mom guilt. Hot Mama isn’t about having the perfect children with the perfect organically grown diet, the beautifully combed hair or even matching socks for that matter! We are not the picture of perfection but rather the perfect picture of reality.
We are motherhood unplugged in all its chaotic beauty.
And sure I post pictures of groups of Mamas and Minis posing and smiling. Not to mention the pictures of the Minis working out alongside their Mamas, performing enthusiastic burpees and mountain climbers or happily playing with their Hot Mama friends. But what about the meltdowns? What about those moments when they are unwilling to share their toys or the times they decide to have an epic screaming fit as their mama pulls out the ‘wrong’ snack? Those moments happen and they happen often. Just as we are not perfect Mothers, our Minis are not perfectly behaved either. But Hot Mama is a place where you can come and workout and forget about pretending to have it all under control. Because let’s get real. Have we ever had it all under control? Have we ever felt 100% confident in our mothering choices to walk, with authority, into a large group of fellow mamas with our heads held high and proclaim that motherhood is a stroll through the park? No.
So instead of posting another picture of our cute Minis beaming from ear to ear while sitting picture-perfect on the edge of their Mamas yoga mats, I will post this picture of one of our Minis in a time out while her Mama forges on through the burpees that were ordered. Knowing this is a safe place without the mom pressure and comfortable with doing so, Candace shows the epitome of what our community stands for and what we’re built on. Real Mamas, real Minis and the imperfect and bumpy ride through Motherhood.


Submitted by: Lindsey Witzel
Hot Mama & Franchise Owner, Calgary SE
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