Today we celebrate four years of Hot Mama. Well, four years from my decision to focus on doing what I love to do and two years from the time we started franchising.

Where do I even begin? What a ride it has been.

When I first started Hot Mama, a franchising business was the furthest thing from my mind. All I wanted to do was be happy and make money. Not necessarily in that order. I had no idea that I would foster a place where community would be built, where best friends would meet and where I could help influence the activity level and energy of families.

I also had no idea the struggle I would have to find the balance between work and life. I had no idea what a hit self confidence could take when you put yourself out there. And I definitely had no idea how hard you needed to work to be “successful”.

The most amazing thing though is that when you work at something that courses through your veins, that you love and believe in with your entire body, heart and soul…it doesn’t seem like work. Except boardroom days…those are work. Those are killers. Blurg.

I’m often asked when will I celebrate? When will I #dancedammit? And the answer is…I really don’t know. I have moments of pride and I have moments of panic. I have moments when I look around at all of you Hot Mamas in Alberta, BC and ON and think “Holy shit, I did that”. And then I have moments of fear because I know how much more needs to be done to get Hot Mama where it needs to be.

However, in all the dips and valleys that is business ownership, I have you, Hot Mamas, believing in what we’re doing and reaping the benefits of the hard work. So, how could I ever stop?

So, why do I find it so hard to #dancedammit? It’s actually fairly simple:

Thousands of women still need us.

Here’s what I’ve learned this past year: Hot Mama changes lives. Sure, I’ve known that from the first year, but what I didn’t know is that so many Mamas were desperately trying to find a safe, silly, supportive place. So many Mamas are lonely and sad and sick and need…someone. Hot Mama is that someone. And that someone is all of you crazy Hot Mamas.

You’re weird and silly and funny and some of the hardest working Mamas I have ever had the honour of meeting. And by meeting, I mean, getting to know over this crazy internet machine thing. I read post after post about how Hot Mama has brought light back into your life, how you struggled with loving your body before Hot Mama, that you were sluggish and sad before Hot Mama. You push yourself in your workouts, you get to class after class with your kids in tow. You commit. You get it done. You believe in yourself and you believe in us. You’re all amazing.

We currently have 18 franchises up and running. That’s 18 locations where we can make a difference and be the place that Mamas so desperately search for. But, that’s only 18. So, how can I #dancedammit when I know, I KNOW, so many Mamas need our silly antics, amazing programs, and ridiculously amazing community?!?!

I still have so far to go.

The cool thing now though is that I can get change that “I” that I’ve been using during this post to “we”. I have an amazing team behind me now. Our Franchise Owners are SO FRIGGIN’ FANTASTIC THAT I CAN BARELY BREATHE SOME DAYS. I’m so proud of each and every one of them. Even when they push me to the edge and challenge me…they’re making Hot Mama better and stronger and more amazing. I push them back and they always achieve and celebrate and man, they work hard! I have a team of Franchise Owners that does #dancedammit and I am so freakin’ proud of them, grateful for them.

And this year…this year Hot Mama finally has a Headquarters. I have a TEAM! I have people! ME! With people. Amazing women who are working towards the same goal as me! So yeah…there are reasons to #dancedammit today. Our HQ team is incredible. Smart, savvy, silly…did I mention smart? Jeez…we CAN and will achieve our goals this coming year. This I know.

In my mind I know we have so much more to do and so many more Mamas to help…but today, I’m going to try to step back and enjoy. To accept the love and gratitude that is coming and today I will celebrate.

Tomorrow I will work.

So, to ALL the Hot Mamas out there…I thank you. It is because of YOU that I get to work on my dream. It is because of YOU that I get to live and breathe my passion. It is because of you that I truly believe in our cause. It is because of YOU I will ensure Hot Mama is ALL OVER THIS WORLD for the simple fact that…well, we’re amazing…but more importantly, we do important, necessary work. We help women when they need it. We support families during times of stress and doubt. And we create KILLER workouts that help Mamas be functionally fit. We help them be “a better Mama”.

With that, I must end this little post. Words cannot express my gratitude. To our Franchise Owners, I am forever grateful and indebted to you for believing in my dream. To my HQ Team, for working on this dream of mine that was dreamt up in my garage on my treadmill, I thank you with all that I am. And to all of the Hot Mamas out there…no words can EVER be enough, so I will just say thank you and please know I will work to the bone to be there for you and support you. You are the coolest women I have ever met.

With all I am, thank you.

Your OHM