I love my job. It doesn’t feel like a job. Let’s say career path? Heck that doesn’t even sound right. I help people. There, that’s better! I love what I do and I do what I love. I say it all the time. I help Mamas both pre- and post-natally with their goals, I train them to run, I teach and educate about nutrition…and, well, everything in between.I am a Pre & Post Natal Fitness Specialist! #dancedammitI completed my Fitness Certification with Alberta Fitness Leadership in 2014. I trained in Pre & Post Natal Fitness with Dr. Lindsay Goulet (Founder of Hot Mama, “the OHM”) and then went on to complete a two part Certification with Family Passages at Douglas College through Distance.

I’m often honoured to get let in on your pregnancy secret early on, when no one else knows about. It’s hard to keep it to myself, but it is also very important you let your trainer know as soon as you know that you’re expecting. Every class/exercise can be modified to you. Whether you’re first term, second or last. Do you have to stop exercising? Absolutely not! Certainly check with your doctor or midwife for clearance to begin or continue an exercise routine while pregnant.

Exercising during pregnancy has many, many benefits. including (but certainly not limited to):

– decreased symptoms and discomforts of pregnancy;

– promotes a healthy weight gain;

– helps to prevents gestational diabetes;

– reduces the incidence of pregnancy induced hypertension;

– improves body image and self esteem;

– helps women connect with their body and baby;

– prepares the body for labour & delivery.

I received three photos of positive pregnancy tests this week.  Am I going to single you out in class? No, absolutely not. I will demonstrate exercises with all modifications and will discreetly show you options available to you should you want/need to modify.  During your first trimester, you can still perform most exercises without modifications. During your second and third trimesters we’ll modify more and more. By then, your belly will become more and more noticeable as babe grows and we will celebrate and cheer you on at class. You are never alone in this. I am here for you, the Hot Mamas are here for you. You’ll always have a safe place to go. <3 Tonya



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Guestblogger: Tonya Yuen, Hot Mama & Franchise Owner
Hot Mama Health& Fitness – Edmonton Southeast
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