You’ve heard of us, maybe you’ve been following us on social media, maybe you’ve even been to a few (or more than a few) classes already. Yay, you! So you know what Hot Mama is all about then? I hope you can think of a few benefits that make us awesome off the top of your head. It’s so much more than just your average exercise class

  1. Obviously it is about fitness. Yes, I said fitness… not about body shape, weight, age, or any of those other labels people use. It’s about getting healthy and feeling strong, period.
  2. Nutrition. Have you heard about our amazing Body Smarts program? It’s not a diet, shake, pill or fad. It’s a nutritional program designed to help you learn new habits, eat the real foods that work for you designed by professionals to  kickstart your healthy living lifestyle.
  3. Create a positive body image. As moms and women, somehow I feel like we sometimes loose our way and forget that our bodies are amazing! That body has accomplished some incredible things (hello childbirth). Hot Mama is where you can come to rediscover how great your body can feel.
  4. Healthy role modeling for your Minis. Childhood obesity is all too common and on the rise, increasing the risk of serious health complications in our children. We all want what’s best for our little ones, so come join us and teach them the benefits of active, healthy living from the very beginning. Plus, they will just think it’s the best playdate ever!
  5. Community. Hot Mamas are always giving back! You’ll find us at the community fun run/walks, putting on special events in support of our favorite causes, building up and supporting moms groups and working with other local businesses. Check out this video for to see some of the ooey gooey goodness!
  6. Affordable. Sure you could workout for free at home… but do you? And gym contracts and personal trainers can be expensive. We offer many pricing options so you can choose what works for you. Plus your first class is always free!
  7. Flexible. The classic exercise class is, say, twice a week for 6 weeks. That just doesn’t work for Mamas! So many moms have variable or shift work schedules, or husbands who work away for weeks at a time, and everyone has a crazy hectic schedule if you have minis. Choose the classes you want, at the times you want. Your life isn’t the same week to week, why should your workout be?
  8. Family Values. Children of all ages are welcome and encouraged to come along with you to your classes. Siblings are welcome too! What could be better? If we didn’t charge child care fees on top? Ok perfect. We already do that
  9. Post Partum Support. All mamas 8-16 weeks postpartum with medical clearance are eligible for free classes. We want to do everything to support you during this time. That’s 4 weeks of free classes. Check out this video to find out more!  
  10. So much more! Seriously, I couldn’t possibly fit in all the Hot Mama goodness into only 10 items. We’ve also got run groups to get involved with, a YouTube channel with all things Hot Mama including so many options for at-home workouts, and new programs like our much-anticipated IGNITE to be released shortly.

10 ½. It’s FUN! The people you meet, the stories you tell, the laughs you’ll have… It feels great to be with other moms and families doing something positive and making healthy changes to your life.

Phew! That’s a lot! It’s such an amazing group to be a part of and we would love to see you at our next class, so head over to the website www.hotmamafit.com and start your Hot Mama journey today!

Guestblogger: Kyra Atilla, Hot Mama & Owner
Hot Mama Health & Fitness – Red Deer South
For more information connect with Kyra via email at kyra@hotmamafit.com