Tonya Yuen

Edmonton SE, Alberta

Franchisee since 2014

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Tonya’s Hot Mama Story

After having our youngest, the thought of going back to work and paying a tremendous amount of money on child care for 3 boys was quite daunting. For me it just didn't make sense to hand over most or all of my paycheck.

So stay at home mom commenced March 2011 when Dexter was born. The first year I enjoyed it, spending as much quality time with my boys as possible. Sure there were rough days with 3 boys in the house but I wouldn't have changed it.

Luckily I have a very supportive husband who was able to handle the financial responsibilities on his own while I took care of our family. As much as I enjoyed it at home with my family I always felt like there was more for me, you know; another way for me to contribute to our families well being and help out with the expenses.

When faced with adding child care into the mix the idea always got thrown to the back burner. Fast forward to 2014 when that pink and black Facebook ad flashed across my screen. "Own your own business, be a part of a supportive community, bring your kids to work with you"

A Dream Come True

Say what! Bring your kids to work with you? There it was, something I had been dreaming of for so long. A health and fitness franchise that not only caters to mamas, but children, families, communities!

I knew this was for me. I could share my love for fitness with others and not have to sacrifice precious family time. I knew this was gonna be big and I wanted to be a part of it, so I jumped in with my whole heart and poured every bit of love and energy I had to give into my franchise.

A business that caters to my children and family

I sleep, breathe, dream and think about how can I keep making it better than it already is, which is tough cause this community of mamas is indescribably nothing short of FAN-FREAKIN-TASTIC!

We added my Hot Mama Home Gym where I train small groups in the evenings and we spend numerous nights there also as a family doing various exercises and they're soaking it all up like sponges. My oldest is learning the muscle groups. HE'S 10!

Hot Mama Programs

Where to begin?! I joined the Westshore Body Smarts group in the Fall of 2014 while training. I thought I ate fairly healthy. Boy was I wrong.

I learned how to read labels. When, what and how to fuel my body properly. I can't say enough good things about this program. I not only lost 12 lbs and numerous inches I GAINED knowledge to properly feed my family for life!

I became a pre and post natal specialist. How cool is that. I help mamas before, during and after their pregnancies to either begin or safely continue an exercise program. Then we launched the Post Partum Initiative. FREE Classes for mamas between 8-16 weeks pp. What's the catch? Nothin, Nada. We just wanna give back.

We know how challenging it can be with a newborn. We want to help and get you out of the house and combat any post partum depression. We welcome these mamas in our warm supportive environment. The Bootylicious Run Group just launched, can't wait to live this. I got in a super sweat session from Paul Katami with his 4x4 workout and gained a certification there.

I also got to travel with main mama Amanda to Idea Fit World Fitness Conference in LA meeting Linds there as well. Best Fitness Trip EVER!

Being a business owner is great

Hot Mama gave me the courage, determination and strength to strive for the best in myself. It fired up my love for Running and Obstacle Course Running with Tough Mudder. Never had I experienced the love and support I received while joining the 40+ Hot Mama team in Whistler, BC in the Summer and I've started that in my own community.

Completing two Tough Mudders, numerous 5 & 10k Runs, my first Half Marathon and the Trifecta Medal with Spartan (All three distances in a calendar year 6k, 13k & 21k) has provided an avenue for me to be able to help/give back in more ways than one.

I am Hot Mama Strong!

We've raised over $2000 for various charities over the course of ONE YEAR. Being a business owner is great. I create my schedule. I create my own destiny. Say that 10 times over! haha. Any other business you begin you have to trial and error but when purchasing a franchise, that's already been done for you.

The marketing is there, the brand is out there. So all you need to do is work and market your area. Headquarters is constantly rolling out new programs to keep things interesting. Meeting and creating friendships with the other owners has been incredible.

It isn't a competition like one might think with owning a franchise. Instead we build each other up, help in any way and support each other 100% and even plan events together. I've built friendships with these women that will last a lifetime! I'm so happy I've become one of the BOLD 25 and joined the #100mainmightymamas. I am "HOT MAMA STRONG" and you are too!

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Tonya Yuen

Hot Mama Franchisee

The thing that makes me most happy is hearing from my mamas when they can finally fit into that pair of jeans or that they got a compliment from their husband on their bum lol or lost 'x’amount of pounds. This gives me goosebumps and absolute joy.

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