Lindsey Witzel

Calgary SE, Alberta

Franchisee since 2014

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“Are you enjoying yourself?”

Rewind time to 12 short months ago and my answer was always, “Yes, but…” or perhaps, “I am but…” There was always a level of uncertainty in those first several months when it came to owning Hot Mama Fit Calgary SE. I mean, starting a business is hard. HARD.

I believed in it’s purpose one hundred percent and because I wanted to succeed so terribly bad, I poured my heart, my soul and everything that was left into launching this business in it’s first year.

And in times of doubt (there were a few), I was able to take a big step back, breath deeply and not only focus on the supportive team behind me but also remind myself what Hot Mama Fit has done for me and my family in the little time since I had purchased the franchise. One year later, I would have never imagined I’d feel as fulfilled as I am today and even more driven to succeed than the day I began this journey.

Has benefits on our boys

In those early months when breaking even was all I was seemingly able to do, I questioned if all of this hard work and dedication was worth it. My husband, speaking from an outside perspective, said it perfectly as he pointed out the benefits Hot Mama has had on our boys.

They spoke excitedly about Hot Mama and the friends they've been making.

Feeling fulfilled

They described in detail the games they get to play, the toys their new friends shared with them and best of all they got to show their dad what a star jump was and how they perfected mountain climbers. Suddenly, those long dreary Alberta winters plagued by frantic searches of ways to entertain the kids were a thing of the past.

My business got them out, it got them socialized and it got them active. And to me, if breaking even was all I was going to achieve financially, what Hot Mama was doing for my kids was worth every penniless profit. But that penniless profit too, became a thing of the past.

Before I knew it, mamas began buying passes month after month. I started realizing that I had regulars that truly appreciated Hot Mama and these regulars became the pillars of my business. They began posting about Hot Mama on social media and started introducing me to their friends as “Lindsey, from Hot Mama…the fitness classes I was telling you about.” And then the messages of thanks started coming in and something hit me like nothing else had before; these mamas were not only appreciative of Hot Mama, but truly grateful.

Helps with postpartum depression

They were grateful for MY classes, for MY energy, for MY love and support and opened up to me about how Hot Mama has pulled them from the shadows of postpartum depression and loneliness. And how the community of mamas helped with the heavy daily struggles of motherhood. Little did my mamas know that I knew exactly where they were coming from.

Being new to Calgary with a toddler and a new born and without a support system in place, I spent my first few years here lost. My husband’s friends were my friends and his social life was my social life. I didn’t have an opportunity or perhaps the confidence to meet other moms and to create a social circle of my own.

Getting the boys involved

What the community of moms has done for my mamas, has done the exact same for me. I have a supportive social circle that has produced true friendships with some amazing women. I also have a purpose. Something I have struggled to find for a long, long while. And let me tell you, working for the purpose to better someone else’s life has been the most humbling and rewarding thing I have ever done.

A powerhouse team

As I reflect on where Hot Mama Fit has come since I signed on, I realize just how much we’ve grown. We went from a small group of women trying feverishly to get our vision out there and our businesses thriving while facing growing pains head on, tackling obstacles with determination while squashing the fear of the unknown with tenacity and mama strength.

We couldn’t have done any of this without the support that Hot Mama provides. And at the time, in the very beginning, it was Lindsay Goulet and only Lindsey Goulet who was answering all our questions, calming out anxieties and fears and managing daily business operations. And now today, nearing the end of 2015, Hot Mama Fit has a powerhouse team of professionals at the helm. We have a support team to guide us and offer us advice and professional opinions. Something that I believe is invaluable to a small business owner in a world of small business that is constantly evolving.

I credit my exponential growth in confidence when it comes to business ownership to the knowledge and support of Hot Mama Fit Headquarters. Lindsay’s enthusiasm for my business is genuine as is her excitement when I share my business goals and achievements. I have always felt that Hot Mama HQ wants me to succeed as much as I do and that in itself is a powerful feeling.

All the support I needed

Starting a business is never easy nor is maintaining a business. However, I have come to learn that having a strong foundation of business support combined with a true purpose and real benefits is key to success.

Hot Mama has provided that and more, making this journey one of the most fulfilling and purposeful aspects of my life. And for the first time in my life I can say with conviction that this is what I am supposed to be doing and this is where I am supposed to be.

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Lindsey Witzel

Hot Mama Franchisee

I am a Hot Mama because... if you can look past the lack of makeup, dry crusted food somewhere on my body & the ever lasting pony tail, you’ll soon see my true passion for health and fitness. I believe, whole heartedly, in the impact of a healthy & happy role model on our little ones. We’re happy & healthy so they’re happy & healthy – it’s a beautiful circle!

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