Ashley Giordano

Sherwood Park, Alberta

Franchisee since 2015

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Health & fitness is my passion

Hot Mama is a life changer. For you, me, and anyone around you! As a franchise owner I stand in a completely different pair of shoes than I thought I would be standing in at this point in my life and it wouldn't be possible without the push, support and help of Hot Mama headquarters.

Taking the plunge and owning my own franchise has been very rewarding. It has made ME a healthier, happier, stronger wife, mother and friend. Surrounding myself with such positive and inspiring women have made me a better version of me.

Active role models

Many people have asked me why I purchased a franchise instead of doing it on my own. Well I cannot rave enough about the support, knowledge and drive that is behind this company.

New programs, research and marketing going on behind the scenes, support whenever you need it (even if it's just a pick me up if you're having a bad day!), and challenges to keep you on your toes as a business owner!

I've learned SO much (especially the business aspect) as coming into this venture I had more of a fitness background. Training and ongoing quarterly meetings are making me more comfortable with spreadsheets, systems and streamlining my business.

Being a mompreneur

Being a franchise owner/mompreneur has affected my family in such ways as: I am able to bring my daughter to class with me, “stay”home with her , be home whenever I need to. My franchise is growing very quickly so eating, sleeping and breathing Hot Mama is a necessity to keep up.

I am very dedicated in everything that I do, and sink my heart into it. I have not learned to set working hours yet, I am just “Hot Mama-ing” most hours of the day.

An afternoon bootcamp in the park

Mamas need support and want to feel connected to you via social media, so being a very active part of their lives is very important. Balance is starting to settle in, and getting used to owning my own business is not becoming such a foreign concept.

A community of moms

My favorite part is getting an email, or message from a mom who expresses their gratitude for what Hot Mama is doing for them. It is changing their lives, their self esteem and their strength (mind and body). It makes my heart smile, puts a spring in my step and reminds me of why I am working so hard to build the most amazing fitness community in the world!

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Ashley Giordano

Hot Mama Franchisee

I am a Hot Mama because health and fitness is my passion. I love to motivate and inspire people to lead active, healthy lifestyles all while being busy parents! Owning a Hot Mama franchise is the best decisionI have ever made as it allows me to wake up with excitement! Who doesn’t want to have a perma smile and adore their job?

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