Amanda Nevesely

Spruce Grove, Alberta

Franchisee since 2014

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Owning my Own Business

Who would have thought? Not me! Until one night around 2am when I was cruising through facebook and stumbled upon an ad saying Hot Mama was finally expanding into Alberta. Without hesitation I clicked on the ad to request more info.

More info came and I nervously chatted with my husband about the possibility of becoming a business owner. With a deer-caught-in-headlights look on my face and butterflies in my stomach I met with the Hot Mama team in person and over the phone a few times over the next few weeks.

Everyone was incredibly friendly and so encouraging. Once I signed my paperwork I was given a to-do list. My website was set up for me and I prepared for my franchise owner training.

Owner Training

Owner training was everything I thought it would be, stressful, emotional, and empowering. We went over how to launch our business, tips and tricks on running the business, and we went over workout after workout. It’s incredible to think after two short weeks of training we obtained enough knowledge to do everything all on our own. But we did.

The guidance and support through the early stages (and even now, almost two years later) was invaluable. The Hot Mama team puts out online business training videos, designs new fitness programs and brings in experts to help with marketing.

Encouraging Team

An unexpected bonus along the way was the love and support I received from my fellow franchise owners. We called, we texted, we emailed each other every step of the way. Heck- we even got together and drank wine! These women became some of my closest friends.

Every little (and BIG) hurdle you come across, there is someone else going across the exact same thing. The journey of starting my own business was a roller coaster. Having such a huge team encouraging you the whole way made the whole experience less overwhelming.

Role model for my children

My young family over the first 6 months saw me transform from “a little crazy” into a calm and confident business owner. My business and family life peacefully co-exists. I ran my business effortlessly through my entire pregnancy; my clients and Hot Mama family cheering me on every step of the way.

An afternoon bootcamp in the park :)

I am physically and mentally stronger than I ever thought possible. I am a strong role model for women in my community, but most importantly for my children. I feel so fortunate to have discovered a career that involves my family and my passion for fitness.

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Amanda Nevesely

Hot Mama Franchisee

I am a Hot Mama because I love to challenge myself. Owning a Hot Mama franchise is the best decision I have ever made because it's has given me the chance to be a leader in my community, as well as a role model for my daughter.

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