It’s been 4 months of being back to work at a full-time position outside my home. I tell people I had an extended mat leave – 6 years haha. When I was a stay at home mom I was busy with appointments, housework, drop offs and pickups, then add 10 Hot Mama classes a week and coaching soccer. Now add a full-time job. I am pooped.

So to you Mamas who work outside the home, I shout out “You Rock! You’re AMAZING!” Phew. I thought I knew what busy was before. My entire day is now calculated precisely by the hour. How do you do it? How do you find balance? How do you not burn out?

I saw a meme the other day about no more packing lunches – schools out! I remembered a time when I could wake up whenever I wanted. There were no lunches to be packed. Those that don’t get a summer break (other than teachers and you need that break, you work hardddd), on goes with the early bedtimes, lunches needing to be packed, clothes to be washed. You’re doing it! You’re a multitasker extraordinaire! If you’re reading this and you’re a

If you’re reading this and you’re a Mama who works outside your home, I want you to take a minute and go look in the mirror and say aloud “I got this!! I’m doing this for my family and I will persevere, I may get tired but I will keep going. I’m Hot Mama Strong”

My successful tips for keeping things under control:

  1. Cozi App – this is the family app calendar (enter all events for the household and designated person) set reminders
  2. Pack lunches before you sit down at the end of a long day because once you stop moving you’re less likely to get back up and do it.
  3. Always have a backup child care plan in place. Child care givers need vacays and they get sick too.
  4. Order your groceries online, pickup in store no extra charge. Also, avoids impulse purchases.
  5. Introduce yourself everywhere you go, maybe you can arrange to carpool with your children’s friends parents alternating, thus freeing up more time.
  6. Express to your partner or spouse how appreciative you are of the little things they are helping with around the house. A little goes a long way. You never know maybe they will help out with another of your “regular” duties or chores.
  7. Get a good nights rest and meal plan ahead to avoid the quick fast food option of being always on the run. Even better keep healthy snacks in the vehicle for on the drive. Ex. Protein balls or bars
  8. And finally; give yourself some “me” time. It’s like our rest day(s) in fitness. You need a rest day for your brain, turn off all your planning, organization and don’t think about work. Rest & Recharge.


Guest blogger: Tonya Yuen, Hot Mama & Franchise Owner
Hot Mama Fit, Edmonton Southeast
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